Top wii singing games for kids

There havent really been a good amount of Wii singing games but times are changing and there are a number of great karaoke Wii games to choose from. There are singing games for families, children and s. Theyre perfect for family game nights, parties, childrens parties or even just because. Many people enjoy singing and its about time there is a good selection of Wii singing games to choose from. For each of these games you will need a Wii microphone which can be purchased as a part of a bundle with certain games and they are also sold separately. Here is a list of the top 8 Wii singing games currently available.

Disney Sing-It is one of the top Wii singing games and its available in several different versions including Family Hits, Pop Hits and Party Hits but the original version has the best reviews. There are 35 different songs from popular Disney characters including Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and High School Musical.Here are just a few songs available:Like Whoa – Aly & AJLifes What you Make It – Hannah MontanaStart All Over – Miley CyrusReal Wild Child – EverlifeBreaking Free – High School MusicalYou can also play in various modes including single, duet, versus and team play. One High School Musical Star even works as a vocal coach to help players learn how to sing the songs correctly.

This is another Disney Sing It but contains songs and videos from each of the first three High School Musical movies. This is the perfect Wii singing game for High School Musical fans. There are a total of 25 songs that players can compete with and against their friends and like the original Disney Sing It, there is also a vocal coach to help players sing the songs correctly. Different modes include Duet, Versus and Team Play.

Boogies Superstar is one of the top Wii singing games because not only can you sing almost 40 popular tracks, but they show you some dance moves as well. To start play you create your very own character and advance through all of the different songs. The object is to work your way to the Boogie Star Show to become the next Boogie Superstar. You can sing and dance with a friend in two-player mode or compete with up to 4 people. A Wii microphone is required and it is not included with some versions of this game. Just be sure to read product descriptions thoroughly to make sure you know exactly what youre getting.

This game is one of the best Wii singing games a for Hannah Montana fans. In this game players will travel the world to sold out concerts as Hannah Montana and sing and perform several of her songs. This game does not require a microphone as the songs can be performed using any Wii controller. In addition to performing songs players can also create new fashions for Hannahs wardrobe and accessories by shopping at some of the worlds most elite shopping districts.

Dance on Broadway is a game filled with dancing and singing along to some of the most beloved showtunes. Although this game says its for 10+, its really suitable for people of all ages. Players will be able to perform 20 different tunes including Cabaret, My Favorite Things and Dreamgirls and compete with up to 3 other people. You can perform duets and challenge each other to get the highest score. Not only is this a singing and dancing game, but also a workout in disguise.

This Wii singing games list could not be complete without mentioning the Karaoke Revolution Bundle. There are various Karaoke Revolution versions but the original is a popular choice. Players can perform 50 licensed top tracks including classic song and the latest favorites. This game is perfect for solo fun or competing with up to 16 total players – making it a perfect choice for parties or game nights. There are a total of 10 venues to choose from and players can customize their characters too.

Glee fans will love this Karaoke Revolution version which features 35 songs from the first season of the show. Players will perform alongside characters from the show that include Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Will Scheuster and others. You can sing alone or in multi-player harmonies and you can even be judged on your singing talent. During game play, players will have the chance to unlock bonus items and create their very own Glee scrapbook.

The highest-rated Wii singing game has to be Michael Jackson The Experience. This game allows players to perform and sing along with the late King of Pop. Songs include hits such as Beat It, Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean among several others. In video training mode you can learn how to perform Michaels dance steps and then show your moves off to everybody in the room! Players can play alongside with up to 4 total players in various modes including one-on-one or even form their own dance crews. Each player needs only a Wii controller to play this game – no microphone needed.

Of course there are other Wii singing games too but these games have some of the highest ratings when it comes to singing and karaoke games. If youre going to be spending the money on a game, you may as well choose one of the best!

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